Children on the Brink

Millions feel the truth. But that is not enough. We must know the truth. It is that which sets us free.

In the paragraphs that follow, I attempt the impossible. Few achieve the magical task of putting into words the unspeakable fidgeting of the heart. It is a dangerous business to engage oneself, especially on matters where the cultural meets the spiritual. But it is a necessary work, for it is the work of universal truth—the work of freedom.

Millions feel the truth. But that is not enough. We must know the truth. It is that which sets us free.

The truth we must face today is that our children are being systematically targeted by secular humanists who are enemies of God and His Word. They do not want to "live and let live." They want your children. They want you isolated. They want to dismantle in your children's minds all notions of truth, especially those Scriptural truths you have taught to them.

Don't know how that works? What does the rainbow symbolize for your children?

As they wake up in the morning, they'll have their Kellogg's cereal telling them to roleplay, choosing their preferred pronouns. Next, perhaps they want to watch some cartoons in the morning, as we all did growing up, and they have "Blue's Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along with Drag Star Nina West Celebrating LGBTQ Families."

There they learn about families that have "two daddies," "babas [that] are nonbinary," "trans members," and even about "ace, bi, and pan grown-ups," all "allies to the queer community."

A friend commented she had to look up some of the terms. And guess what, many children will too. They will learn a lot more than what's on one episode, thanks to that cute blue dog.

But your children don't watch that; they watch Disney Plus. Or maybe they are older now and just like going to Target or Walmart where they'll be presented with beautiful displays of LGBTQ+ affirming merchandise and messages, like the asexual or non-binary flag pride t-shirt or the "trans rights are human rights" one.

All these messages being pushed upon our children are guaranteed to have an effect. Our children will "google" these terms and find out more. They will consider them.

Like Grace, featured recently on 60 Minutes, who struggled with depression growing up and who began looking for answers on transgender community websites. "And when I saw them being so happy and excited," she told the show, "about doing this wonderful transformative process to really, like, become their true selves, it was like, 'Have I consider that this could be my situation, too?'"

Grace found a gender therapist right there on the internet, and off she went to the biggest mistake of her life. Four months later, she was approved for a mastectomy which further traumatized her. She is one of the many who went through the painful process of detransitioning after being duped by the propaganda.

Though Grace was over 18 when she went through the process, her struggle did not start then. The transgender-affirming messaging also started much earlier. It's methodical and perniciously effective.

And Grace is not even the problem I am trying to address here. She said she struggled with gender dysphoria. We feel for those who struggle with that condition.

But the bigger problem we face as a society is different. Secular humanists are promoting gender dysphoria in perfectly healthy children – those who had no identity crisis at all.

All children struggle to find themselves in one way or another, for most it is a natural process that they are able to navigate through, building their confidence with the help of their parents, and continue living fruitful lives without any gender identity issues.

Now in comes Kellogg's and Blues Clue's and Skittles and the rest of corporate media dominated by the secular humanist agenda targeting children effectively forcing them into that crisis. Who likes playing the games on the boxes of cereals? That's right, your five- and six- and seven-year-old. And he or she must now consider his or her gender and "create his own."

How can we allow this as a society? Millions of children who would have never struggled with such things are now purposely being forced into that struggle. Why? This does not help those struggling with gender dysphoria in the least.

So, why are they doing it?

Well, why did the serpent tempt Eve?